About Us

We are Wander With Me, a boutique inspired by travel, wanderlust and dreaming of adventures. 

I always had a dream to open my own wee boutique, with easy to wear beautiful clothing from new and exciting stockists at the heart of it, but for a very long time I always thought it would be just that...a dream!  Until one day I decided that it didn't have to be and the only person stopping me for achieving it was myself!  So I worked and saved hard, contacted amazing people to join my adventure and before I knew it Wander With Me was created and the rest, as they say, is history!

We have partnered with some of the most up coming Australian designers to create a unique clan that all share a common vibe and lust. Beautiful prints and ethically made, worn barefoot or with converse on your next adventure or dressed up with wedges to a wedding, our stockists are brimming with great ideas, stunning designs and an overwhelming passion for making people feel and look good.

We are a small business and with your support and love we can't wait to see where this journey may take us.  We strive to be constantly evolving, keeping an open mind and heart and looking out for new and exhilarating designers to join our clan.

We love nothing more here at Wander With Me than spending time with our wee fam bam, breathing in the fresh air, getting off the beaten track and exploring beautiful places, experiencing new foods, laughing till our stomach hurts and our eyes are filled with tears and meeting legends of humans from all walks of life......after all adventure is in all of us.

Love, Laugh & Rad Times